Released 12 July 2022

“An engrossing, atmospheric crime thriller.” – Kirkus Reviews

In 1987, the American worker Adam Hedman finds himself behind the Iron Curtain. His only wish is to be left alone. When he gets blackmailed into helping find a missing girl, he will see if there’s enough fight left in him to prevail.

Million People
Missing Girl

Welcome to the world of 1987 East Germany seen through the eyes of an American worker.

Iron Curtain is the first novel of the Adam Hedman series, set in the last two decades of the socialist Eastern Bloc.

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Raf Beuy

Raf Beuy writes thrillers. He is focused on Cold War stories. This is no wonder as he was born in West Berlin when the Wall was looming and Allied soldiers patrolled the streets.

His critical disposition is fed by the state of the world around him and too many chilled beverages. Make sure to check out his works and learn a thing or two about today from looking at the past.

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Today is the day when the have-nots win against the the party bigwigs. The day when the executioners stand before their executioner. The day when justice prevails.

Adam Hedman